Acceptable Behaviour

Ipswich Libraries recognises that equitable access to its facilities and services can only be achieved in partnership with you, our customers.

Everyone who uses the Library must:

  • Treat staff and each other with respect and courtesy
  • Respect the rights of other customers whilst using Library facilities
  • Ensure children in your care are appropriately supervised while in the Library
  • Treat Library facilities, equipment, and property with due care
  • Participate in activities and services offered by the Library in a spirit of good humour and co-operation
  • Comply with any directions or instructions given by staff

All Library staff are authorised to make judgements about individual or group behaviour. Penalties for failing to behave appropriately include exclusion from Library premises and facilities. Unlawful activity will be referred immediately to the Queensland Police Service.

Parents and care givers are responsible for ensuring that those in their care also behave appropriately.


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