Challenge Information 

Design a character or creature inspired from various pixelated, blocky textured and 8-bit medias by using only cubes and blocks in Tinkercad
Combine and manipulate them in whatever way you wish to make the perfect pixel pal! 

Make use of the simple and efficient modelling tool, Tinkercad, at either Ipswich Central Library or Springfield Central Library to create your pixelated masterpiece!
Speak with the Makerspace staff to find out how it works and for some ideas on what you could create!

The Makerspace staff are looking forward to helping you create your perfect design!

How to Enter
  1. Visit the Springfield Central Makerspace or Ipswich Central Makerspace and jump onto Tinkercad
  2. Design your Pixelated creation using only the block and cube shapes in Tinkercad.
  3. Show your entry to the Makerspace staff. They will assist you in saving your work and apply any finishing touches to assist with printing.  
  4. Fill out the Registration Form.
  5. Wait for the 3D print to finish and come in and collect once you are contacted! 
Entries close 30th of June 2024

Registration Information 
Book a Champion

Book a 45 minute session with a Makerspace Champion and we will help you to learn how to make the most of the Makerspace resources and technologies. 


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