Ipswich Libraries

Ipswich City Council is committed to providing a welcoming and safe environment for all people visiting Ipswich Libraries and asks that customers follow standards of acceptable behaviour to ensure that:

  • The security and safety of people and property is respected
  • Due regard is shown for the needs, interest and rights of others.

Entry requirements:

Customers must comply with directions given by Library staff. All Library staff are authorised to make judgements about individual and group behaviour, and to use discretion to refuse entry to any persons who do not comply:

  • Provide identification if requested by Library staff
  • Conduct yourself in a responsible and reasonable manner, showing consideration for the rights and comfort of other users and staff
  • Abide by all reasonable directions given by Library staff and leave the facilities if directed to do so
  • Bags, folders, property or equipment to be made available for inspection on request by Library staff
  • Maintain reasonable community dress and personal hygiene standards
  • Treat Library facilities, equipment and property with due care
  • Consume approved food and drink in designated areas only
  • Ensure children 12 years and under are accompanied by an adult and are actively supervised at all times
  • Parents and caregivers are responsible for ensuring that those in their care also conform to these entry requirements.

Visitors must not:

  • Assault, threaten, intimidate or harass staff or visitors including that of a sexual or discriminatory nature
  • Consume alcohol (unless part of an organised function, approved by Council)
  • Smoke tobacco or vaping apparatuses
  • Leave items unattended, including valuables or portable and attractive assets
  • Administer or consume illicit drugs
  • Use audio or visual recording device without written approval
  • Take photos or other imagery of a person without person’s consent
  • Display offensive or objectionable material such as pornography, expressions of racial hatred or representations of violence
  • Make excessive noise (including use of mobile phones)
  • Bring any animal into the library (other than an accredited assistance animal).

Prohibited items:

  • Aerosol containers, laser pointers, placards, banners with poles and drones including objects that have potential to cause harm
  • Scooters, skateboards or bikes (mobility scooters exempt)
  • Any kind of real or toy weapon, firearms, knives or other items or substances which could be considered dangerous.

Failure to comply with these Conditions of Entry may result in the restriction of Library privileges and if necessary, referral to the Queensland Police Service for further action.


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