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Discover the new music CDs available from Ipswich Libraries. 

Children’s Music

Keep the kids entertained in the car or at home with our fun range of music CD’s.

Kinderling Kids Radio

Sing, dance and chill out with this award winning Australian audio streaming service that not only broadcasts music, but also stories, fun fables, nursery rhymes, meditations and edutainment programs for children aged zero to nine years old. Includes podcasts for parents and multi-lingual stories in Hindi, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Arabic and Greek.

Kinderling Kids Radio

How to unlock Kinderling Premium with your library card:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Enter your library name (Ipswich Libraries)

Step 3: Enter your library card number

Step 4: Set up a Kinderling account

Step 5: Download the Kinderling app

Step 6: Log into your Kinderling account


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