Book Clubs FAQ

Q: How do I register to become a book club co-ordinator/book club member?
A: Fill out the form here and then come in to the Library to collect your library membership card if required.

Q: How long can I check out a book club set for?
A: 8 weeks.

Q: How can I reserve a book club set?
A: Only book club co-ordinators are able to reserve book club sets. You can view a list of available book club sets here. Search the catalogue for book club set title. Click place a reservation. Sign in with your membership card and click confirm.

Q: How do I search the catalogue for a specific book club set?
From our Library catalogue enter the title in the search box and select “Book Club sets” from the dropdown list. Click the magnifying glass to search. Click here to begin your search.

Q: How will a Book Club know when their book club set is ready to be picked up?
A: When a book club set is ready for your club, the book club coordinator will be advised via their nominated mode of contact. It is the Book Club Coordinator’s responsibility to then notify the other Book Club members to go to the Library to collect their copy of the book.

Q: Can I reserve more than one book club set?
A: Yes, the book club coordinator is able to reserve a maximum of two book club sets.

Q: How do I run a book club?
A: You can find some great ideas for Book Club Meetings and Discussions here:

Q: Our book club would like to change details and/or book club coordinators, how can we do this?
A: You can update the details of your book club here.

Q: Our book club has disbanded. What do we need to do?
A: Please notify the library here. All co-ordinator and members associated with this book club will have their book club membership privileges removed. If your book club details were listed on the website they will also be removed.

Q: I would like to leave my book club. What do I do?
A: Please contact the Library to cancel your Book Club Membership.


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