Sponsorship and Partnership Packages

Ipswich Libraries host a number of premium events each year including Cocktail Hour, Evenings With and Breakfasts With… various high profile authors and celebrities.

Ipswich Libraries Sponsorship and Partnership packages are available for these events and for other initiatives.

If you are interested in sponsoring or partnering with Ipswich Libraries please call our Communications team on 3810 6595.

Note that a sponsorship or partnership need not be confined to a specific event or initiative.

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour is a signature event series for Ipswich Libraries featuring high profile authors and media personalities.

The event is held quarterly on The Mezzanine at Ipswich Central Library where 200 library patrons enjoy inspirational stories that often challenge our preconceptions of the world.

Tickets are limited and seats are usually fully booked within minutes of opening.

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