Paper Cutting and Crafts at the Ipswich Library Makerspace

Explore a whole new world of creativity using paper with the Brother Scan N Cut. Learn how to use the latest in paper craft technology by making a simple cut out creation that you can fold and stick together with ease.

Makerspace staff can also offer creative ideas, tips and tricks to help add some more dimension to your paper crafting projects. Currently, our cutter is focus on paper-based creations despite its capacity for use on many mediums.

Paper size, type, color and other limitations may apply.

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“What is the Brother Scan N Cut?”

The Brother Scan N Cut is a cutting machine that can cut designs out of paper, fabric, vinyl and various other materials. The machine has an inbuilt image catalogue, can scan hand-drawn images, import patterns from websites. In addition, you can digitally create patterns on one of our computers using their complementary website Canvas Workspace which, after staff review, can be processed.

The primary material our machine will be cutting is paper in A5 size. We will not be accepting any personally owned paper at this time but would love to hear your ideas on papers and projects that you would like to learn or use.

“How many Scan N Cut Machines do you have available?”

Ipswich Library Makerspace is the only location currently with the Brother Scan N Cut machine available.
Our model is Brother Scan N
Cut SDX2250D see below: 

“What can I make?”

As this technology is new to our space, we will be creating basic templates within the Makerspace such as, flower templates, plant designs and other predesigned templates. We will utilize this technology as a creative educational tool to be used with bookable sessions within the Makerspace. This means our Makerspace staff will maintain the technology and manage patron designs to ensure they meet all requirements, our guidelines and policies. As such, all designs are submitted to Makerspace staff before the design is produced. 

Makerspace challenges will be created intermittently to be themed around the use of the Scan N Cut Machine at Ipswich Central Library. Patrons can use Canvas Workspace, which gives the ability to create and cut their own designs. We will also host regular workshops to create bigger or more complex paper creations.

Currently we have a size restriction of no bigger than an A5 sheet of paper (approx. 15 x 21cm) and are limited to 3 sheets of this size per project.
We will also have offcuts that can be utilized if you needed a bit of extra color for your creation.

Please Note: The library does not provide a design service. While we will assist you in using the machine, Champions are unable to create designs for you, use your specific papers or refine your designs. All designs are submitted to Makerspace staff before the design is produced to ensure all requirements, guidelines and policies are met. 


We have the following restrictions when it comes to using the Brother Scan N Cut machine.

• Projects are to be no bigger than an A5 sheet of paper (approx. 15 x 21cm) and are limited to 3 sheets of this size per project.
• One project at a time with a limit of 4 per year.
• Only paper provided by the Makerspace may be used on the machine.
• Only children 10 years or older are permitted to use the machine with adult supervision as sharp tools are also used in conjunction with the machine.
• Makerspace Officers will be required to assist all patrons in using the machine as part of our safety protocols.
• Any alterations in tools, particularly blades, must be handled by the Champions.
• All designs must be submitted to Makerspace staff and approved before production. 


Ipswich Libraries Makerspace has a duty to respect copyright, and the Makerspace Team may refuse jobs that are potentially illegal or inappropriate. Such items may include the reproduction of currency and derogatory or discriminatory slogans and symbols.

For more information on copyright, please click on the link below to download the information sheet provided by the Australian Copyright Council.


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