Ipswich Libraries Makerspaces gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with cutting edge digital technology.  Our Makerspaces bring people together to use technology in hands-on displays of exploration, innovation and education. 

Ipswich Central Makerspace

Meet Chloe the Makerspace Champion! Chloe enjoys creating Stop Motion videos and forming a dinosaur army in the Augmented Sandbox.

You can find Chloe playing Job Simulator in Virtual Reality at the Ipswich Central Library Makerspace. 

Springfield Central Makerspace

Meet Dan the Makerspace Champion! Instead of working, Dan enjoys battling dragons in AR Adventures and beating the high score on VR Beat Saber.

You can find Dan elbows deep in the 3D printer at the Springfield Central Library Makerspace. 

Makerspace Challenges

Every month compete in the ultimate Makerspace Challenge to test your skills and win amazing prizes!

Challenges change monthly and can be completed using the technology and software currently available in the Ipswich Libraries Makerspaces. 


Virtual Reality

A mixed reality live stream of the Virtual Reality experience lets people watch the user interact with the Virtual World. 

Age Restriction: 13+ 

Augmented Sandbox

Make mountains, oceans and islands in an upright sandbox while a real-time graphics overlay reacts to the landscape. 

Stop Motion Station

Manipulate and capture everyday objects to create fun and wacky Stop Motion videos. Bring in your own USB and save your Stop Motion video to take home with you.

OSMO Station

The OSMO Station encourages visual thinking and allows children to explore arts, math and science in a hands-on way. 

3D Printing Station

Bring virtual creations into the real world with one of the library’s 3D printers. This is a perfect way to build product prototypes or make figurines and toys.

HP Sprouts

HP Sprouts area fully integrated desktop 3D scanning solution with 3D object capture, editing and multiple streamlined 3D print options. 

Floor Projection

Interact with a variety of different experiences and games through the use of gesture tracking software.

AR Adventures

AR Adventures is an interactive experience where you are augmented into an animated world. 

Leap Motion

Reach into the future of virtual and augmented reality with the most advanced hand tracking on Earth. Create your own unique experience with Unity.   


Book a Champion

Book a 45 minute session with a Makerspace Champion and we will help you to learn how to make the most of the Makerspace resources and technologies. 

Makerspace Tours

Discover how the Ipswich Libraries Makerspaces can be tailored to suit your school or group. Organise a visit to one of our Makerspaces to learn more about our wide range of technology and resources. 


Want to find more about 3D Printing or just have a general question or comment about the Makerspaces?      Fill out this form and a Makerspace Champion will get in contact with you.

3D Print Gallery

Explore a range of 3D Prints that are available for printing.  


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