Challenge Information

You’re all getting things delivered in cardboard boxes, right? Or have a bunch of Lego around the house? Well, did you know that both of these materials can be used to make roller coasters!

We challenge you to use your design and engineering skills to create a roller coaster that is strong enough to hold a marble. Don’t have a marble? You can also use a tennis ball, golf ball or if you’re feeling adventurous, a basketball! 

You can design your roller coaster using any materials you have access to at home – paper, cardboard, lego, straws, etc. 

Need some inspiration? Check out these Instructables to help you get started!  

How to Enter

Create your roller coaster at home using any available materials.

Take a video and some photos of your roller coaster.

Write a description of your design and how it works.

Upload your video and description on Instagram and tag @ilmakerspaces!

Don’t have Instagram? Email your design and description to us at

Stay tuned to see if you have won!

Entries close 30th of August 2020


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