Computer Usage Guidelines

1. To take advantage of these services, you will need an encoded library membership card. See staff at the Welcome Desk if you don’t have an encoded card – these are identified by the small E near the barcode.

Ecoded Membership Card

The encoded card acts as an electronic wallet, storing credit which can be used to access the Internet & Word processing computers to pay for printing and photocopying.

Customers who are already members of the library may need to be issued with a new card that has been encoded. There is no charge for this new card.

If you are not a current member of the library and you plan to use the computers, you will need to join. Joining the library is free and gives you access to a range of additional services including e-books and online databases. You will need to show ID with your name and current address (driver’s licence, rates notice, etc.).

2. Reserve a computer. Reservations are required and can be made at each library branch or via online booking, subject to availability.

When making a reservation, library members will need to enter their password. If you do not know your password, contact Library staff to reset it. You can change your password at any time via the Library’s online catalogue.

Session time is 60 minutes – free for members of Ipswich Libraries. Computers are available for use until 15 minutes before the closing time at each library branch.

The session times are exact and any unsaved data will be lost.

3. Locate your assigned workstation. You will need to swipe your membership card and enter your password to log in.

There will be a 10 minute and a 2 minute warning before your session ends and the workstation shuts down. At the end of each session, the workstation will reset itself, and any unsaved data will be lost. Any data you wish to keep should be printed and/or saved to a USB drive. 

The facilities are provided on a self-help basis.
Library staff members are able to help in basic operation of the workstations. However, customers must be able to work on the computers independently and are expected to have prior computer skills in regards to Microsoft Office. Training sessions are available. Reference materials are available to assist with the software.

Library staff members will not be available to assist with Microsoft Office software or provide instructions in its use.

4. Printing is available for a cost. Please see staff to arrange payment.

Book a PC

Using the PCs

Ipswich Libraries has a range of computer services available to the public. Available at the Ipswich Central, Springfield Central, Rosewood, Redbank Plains & Redbank Plaza Libraries, all Internet computers provide:

  • Internet access
  • Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel & Powerpoint)
  • The ability to open, attach and/or save files from/to a USB drive
  • The ability to print your documents in black & white or full colour

EACH COMPUTER USER IS ABLE TO USE THE COMPUTERS FOR A MAXIMUM OF 1 SESSION PER DAY. Customers must use their own Library card when using the computers and use of a friend or relative’s card is not permitted.


PC/Internet Use

Ipswich Libraries’ Members = free


Black & White
10¢ per A4 page

30¢ per A3 page

Colour Printing
$1.05 per A4 page

$2.05 per A3 page

Wi-Fi Usage Guidelines

Ipswich City Council provides FREE Wi-Fi internet access their FREEWIFI_MYIPSWICH network within all Ipswich Library branches. Please refer to the Wi-Fi Usage Guidelines for more information.

  • Any Wi-Fi enabled device can connect e.g. iPads, smartphones, laptops, tablets and e-book readers.
  • Printing Services are NOT available.
  • Library Staff are not available to provide assistance with devices beyond
    • Connecting to the Wi-Fi network.
    • Making use of the e-Services the Library provides e.g. Downloading content from cloudLibrary and Overdrive.
  • The speed of the Wi-Fi Network is at a level that provides acceptable download times for e-Services as described above but discourages the downloading of software and other extremely large files.


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