Your Responsibilities

Customers using the library computers to access the internet are required to comply with all legislation governing internet access and use, and any digital rights protection.

Customers must agree to the library terms and conditions of internet usage before they can access the internet from a library machine.

Copies of the library’s guidelines for computer and Wi-Fi usage are available in branch, on the library website and upon request. Please refer to the Computer Usage Guidelines.

By using the Library’s electronic resources, users release and discharge the Ipswich City Council from any liability which might arise including loss of data, loss of privacy, or damage from viruses or malicious code.

Ipswich Libraries does not monitor or control the information accessible through the internet and cannot be held responsible for content. Be aware that information, data, programs or materials which may be deemed offensive, controversial or inappropriate are accessible.

Parents or carers are responsible for internet resources accessed by their children. Parents and carers who are using the library’s computers remain responsible for the behaviour of children. Failure by parents or carers to supervise children while using the computers may result in termination of the session. If the person you are with requires ongoing support or assistance, please stay with them at all times during the library visit.

The library is a public space and consideration for all fellow library users is a Condition of Entry and required at all times.

Ipswich Libraries reserves the right to cancel a user’s access to the internet should obscene or illegal content be viewed or conditions of entry requirements not met.

Headphones/Earphones must be used when accessing audio content to ensure no sound is heard by others. It is the responsibility of users to determine the validity of information found on the internet. Not all resources are accurate, complete or current.

When using computer resources it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to:

  • hassle, insult, offend or disturb others
  • access obscene or illegal content
  • have sound coming from the computer/device
  • copy copyright-protected materials without authorisation
  • propagate computer worms and viruses
  • attempt to gain unauthorised access to any system
  • send mail under the name of another
  • compromise the privacy of others
Appropriate Use of Equipment

Computer equipment and software must be used as installed. Users are not permitted to add, delete or modify installed hardware or software. Downloading to a temporary storage area is possible for saving to USB.

Failure to use the library workstations and resources appropriately and responsibly may result in the loss of computer and internet use privileges.


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