Ipswich City Council Wi-Fi

Ipswich City Council provides free Wi-Fi access to the public in Council buildings and some public areas via their FREEWIFI-MYIPSWICH network, powered by Purple Wi-Fi Limited.

Before you click “I Agree” to login, please ensure that you read the Ipswich City Council Wi-Fi Terms & Conditions, Purple Wi-Fi Limited Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and the Cookie Policy.

Accessing the Internet at the Library

Free Wi-Fi access is available to anyone at Ipswich Libraries. Parents and guardians are responsible for their children’s selection and use of library materials and services, including access to the internet.

Internet users are reminded that the Library is a public space and consideration for fellow Library users, especially children, is expected.

Hardware and Software

Ipswich Libraries staff will not give any help to hardware or software problems encountered with equipment not owned by Ipswich Libraries. Any problems you experience with your equipment or software are your responsibility.


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