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A Cribb and Foote Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – Image courtesy of Picture Ipswich

Have you ever wondered what your family may have been eating at Christmas in the early 1900s? According to a Cribb and Foote advertisement that appeared in the Queensland Times on the 15th of December 1901, there was a wide variety of wonderful food for families to consume over the festive period.

“Cribb and Foote in wishing all their numerous clients the compliments of the season draw their special attention to their goods for Christmas.           

Biscuits – Raspberry Sandwiches, Fairy Cakes, Cherry Neopolitans.          

Cordials – L. Rose and Co. Lemon Squash, Swallow and Ariell Lemon Juice, Ross’s Ginger Ale.                                                                                                  

Confectionery – J.T. Marton’s Bon Bons, Nelsons Gelatine Lozenges, Cadbury and Rowntree and Robinsons Cocoa, London Mixtures, Sugar almonds, Cadbury Bros. boxed chocolates.                                                      

Crystallised fruits – Clark and Nicholls and Coombes Cream Caramels and Santa Claus Stockings, Cadbury Cocoa Nibs, Greenfield Son and Co. Jelly Beans.

Condiments – Lucknow Chutney, Col. Skinners Bengal Club Sweet Sliced Mango, C and B’s bottled herbs.                                                                                 

Cheese – Green Mount and Yangon Stilton Cheese.

Fruits – Lexia Elener Raisins, Evaporated apples, Cannon desert fruits, Gooseberries, Red currants.

Preserved fish – Fresh Herring, Haddock and Salmon, Preserved Bloaters, Pilchards and Sardines in oil.                                                                                

Preserves – Candied peel, Preserved ginger, Chow Chow in syrup.

Potted and Preserved Meat – Fitzroy Preserveed Meat Co. Devilled ham, Chicken and Tongue, Fitz Strasburg and Pork, Spiced sandwich and corned Beef, Pate-de-feis-gras, Salmon and Lobster Paste.                                               

Pickles – Picalilli, Nabob Pickles.                                                                              

Special – Plum Puddings, Asparagus, Pioneer Custard Powder, Brand Beet Tea Jelly, Hirons Christmas cake.                                                                               

Fireworks – a very large and choice assortment of Chinese fireworks”.

Information taken from the Queensland Times.


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