Assistive Technology

Ipswich Libraries provides a variety of tools to assist people with visual or physical impairment in independently accessing print and online information.


The Clearview Reader is a unique desktop video magnifier that is designed to improve your reading experience. Select your preferred reading voice and sit back, relax, and listen to documents as they are read aloud. Combining a clear voice with magnification or high contrast makes reading so much easier. It can instantly convert any printed text into speech. It makes it possible to have access to information in a way that is most comfortable and easy to you. Especially long texts are now easy to read or listen to.

Located on Level 1 at SCL near the Info Desk. Located in the Ipswich History Room at ICL.

Magnifier (CCTV)

The black and white magnifier enables users to enlarge reading materials on a computer screen. The text is placed on a movable table, set at the desired magnification level and viewed on the screen. The CCTV magnifier is located at Ipswich Central and Springfield Central Library. See library staff for assistance.


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