Story Time – Is this your Egg?

Enjoy watching Megan and Emma read the newly released First 5 Forever storybook, ‘Is this your egg?’ written by Ella Kris and illustrated by Emma Cracknell.

Story Time – Up and Down on a Rainy Day

Join Lam from Queensland Fire and Rescue Service as he reads a catchy and deceptively simple story about a Queensland farming family that goes out to play on a rainy day, called Up and Down on a Rainy Day written by Kathryn Apel and illustrated by Janet Turner. 

Story Time – One Remarkable Reef

Count from one to ten with Wayne from the Queensland Ambulance Service in this gentle, rhyming bedtime book, One Remarkable Reef, written by Kellie Byrnes and illustrated by Rachel Tribout.

Story Time – The Little Queenslanders Alphabet Book

Join Darcy from the Ipswich Nature Centre as he reads  The Little Queenslanders Alphabet Book, written by Sally Scudamore and illustrated by Sophie Beer.   This is a fun and fantastical alphabet book celebrating the unique animals and places of Queensland. 

Story Time – The Cow That Swam Out to Sea

The Cow That Swam out to Sea is written by Pamela Rushby and illustrated by Nicola Hooper. It’s read by Sergeant Nadine Webster from Ipswich District Crime Prevention Unit, Yamanto.

Story Time – In The Deep

Join Emma the National Operations Manager from Kids Alive Do The Five as she shares, In the Deep written and illustrated by Charlie Thomson from her backyard pool.  Emma reminds us of the 5 Key Water Safety Messages 1. Fence the pool  2.  Shut the gate  3.  Watch your mate 4. Supervise and 5.  Learn how to resuscitate.  

Story Time – Koalas Like To…

Discover some incredible facts about Koalas as Jake Turpin from The Brisbane Broncos reads Koalas Like To… Written by Shae Millward and Illustrated by Brent Wilson.

Story Time – Once I Munched a Mango

Munching, slurping and nibbling! Looking for food is like searching for treasure for this little fruit bat. Join Channon from Mission Australia as she reads this book and guess where he lives, the land he loves.

Story Time – Hotel for Bees

Watch Wendy from Braille House as she reads Hotel for Bees is written by Alison McLennan and illustrated by Erin Dunne.  

Story Time – The Coloured Echidna

The Coloured Echidna is written and illustrated by Eunice Day.   

Story Time – My People

Join Emma, a teacher from Hymba Yumba Independent School as she shares My People written by Billie-Jean Taylor and illustrated by Shaylah Dodd.   This book celebrates all the different people who make up our families and the roles they play.

Story Time – Shoosh

 Shoosh! is written and illustrated  by Simon Howe. 


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