General Information about Book Clubs

Ipswich Libraries encourages and supports Book Clubs in Ipswich.  As Book Club Members we offer you:

  • Access to a growing collection of Book Club Sets (10 copies per set)
  • Borrowing period of 8 weeks
  • Loan of up to 2 Book Club Sets at a time
  • Online request of Book Club Sets


Book Club Registration

Ipswich Libraries offers Book Clubs the opportunity to register your book club with us. This allows you to check out the books from the Book Club Sets. The Book Club Coordinator can fill out the Book Club Registration Form here.


Book Club Membership

There are two types of book club membership; Book Club Coordinators and Book Club Members. Each membership type can be obtained by filling in the registration form here and selecting the appropriate membership type. If you are a new Library Member, after registering you will need to go to an Ipswich Libraries branch to pick up your library card – please note: you will need to provide verification of your ID at the Library. Existing Library Members will have the extra book club privileges added to their existing library membership card. Each member will be responsible for checking out one copy of the book in the Book Club Set.


Book Club Coordinators

The Book Club Coordinator is responsible for registering the club, updating the club’s details, and placing reservations on the Book Club Sets.

  • Register your new Book Club here
  • Notify the Library of any changes to your Book Club details here
  • Place reservations on Book Club Sets here

For more information on how to request a Book Club Set please click here.


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