Calling all Virtual Artists!

This month, try your hand at the November Tilt Brush Challenge.  Ipswich Libraries Makerspaces are asking artists to create stunning Virtual Reality Art in the widely popular Tilt Brush game. Show us your Virtual Art skills and create amazing artwork in a 3D space with the vibrant and fun styles of Tilt Brush.

Challenge Information

Simply draw and sculpt your masterpiece with complete freedom of topic. At the end of the month, the Makerspace Champions will pick their top three favourite artworks. Need inspiration? Access the Google Tilt Brush Gallery here to view some amazing works of art. 

How to Enter

  1. Create your art piece using the Virtual Reality System at either Springfield Central Makerspace or Ipswich Central Makerspace. 
  2. Save your artwork to the Sketchbook in Tilt Brush.
  3. Register your artwork through the Register link below.
  4. Stay tuned to see if you have won!

Saving to Sketchbook

While painting, you can save your sketch to avoid losing changes.

  1. Navigate to the Tools panel in the palette, and select the Save icon: 
  2. Take a snapshot of your sketch to use as a thumbnail image.
  3. Your sketch is now added to your Sketchbook.
  4. Your sketch file is saved to the computer at Documents/Tilt Brush/Sketches.


1st – High Detail 3D Resin Print

2nd – Mechanical 3D Print

3rd – Stem Kit

Registration Information 

Register your details to enter the Ipswich Libraries Tilt Brush Challenge. 

Artist in Residence

Looking for inspritation? Check out these artists trying out Tilt Brush and exploring the possibilities of Virtual Reality 3D painting.

Tilt Brush Tips

Check out some tips on using Tilt Brush to help get you started. 


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