Borrow a bot like you borrow a book

Holiday Program – Borrow-a-Bot

Knick Knack Paddy Whack Give a Bot a Home – Library bots, roll out!

Drop in and play with a robot; if you like it, you can take it home for the holidays.

Bots subject to availability

Available Bots

Bots subject to availability


Dash is a small mobile robot that drives around, making noises and flashing lights. Progressive apps allow you to use the Dash robot in many different ways, taking advantage of programmable buttons, microphones and speakers, and the proximity sensors.

Ages 6+ with parent and/or carer supervision


Bee-bot is a bee-like floor robot, programmed using coloured buttons on its back. This fun, screen-free robot is ideal for teaching directional language and sequential coding to children.

Ages 3+ with parent and/or carer supervision


The Cue robot is designed for kids who have an interest in coding. It allows users to make the transition from block-based to text-based coding in a fun, personality-filled package. The Cue app provides a guided exploration of programming languages and robotic capabilities.

Ages 11+ with parent and/or carer supervision


The Ozobot is a tiny programmable robot that can be coded with and without screens. Use the pens to draw paths that the Ozobot can follow or build programs with Blockly for your bots with drag and drop blocks.

Ages 11+ with parent and/or carer supervision

Sphero BOLT – NEW!

A Sphero is a codable robotic ball that is controlled through an app. You can play with the Sphero or code it, taking advantage of its programmable sensors and LED light matrix.

Recommended for children aged 8+ years


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